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Terrorist camps have begun to show up all over the place and we are left with just one option: send in our mediocre soldiers to stop them. Due to budget cuts, not only did boot camp training have to be scaled way back, but the intelligence has to be gathered by more cost-effective methods (translation: the internet). Despite this, a number of terrorist camps have been located and flagged for elimination. We need you to take these men and do just that (to the best of your ability)!

Conquest Combat is a top-down shooter, taking place all on a single screen. You control a single soldier and must follow/lead your fellow soldiers up against the enemy. Upon death you will respawn (if you still have allies alive), however your cohorts will not. Some missions you will have the ability to call in reinforcements while others you will only be able to use what you start with.

Controls are simple: WASD movement while the mouse will aim/fire.


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