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Podrías sacarlo para consolas? (Nintendo Switch, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Steam Deck)

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Overall the game was amazing. Easy to learn, fun to complete. Attacking with the bite is a little rough at times & was feeling like I was trading hits at times.

Bugs - Coins that fly out of things go where they want to & some flew through the map or just disappeared. The race track boost pads need to be hit on the side or they dead stop you. I also flew off the first oil after the start line while boosting. I got flung really far.

2 spots on the main hub had no invisible barriers, but had a death plane. One rock in the race area let me double jump, wall jump & then hover just barely up top to cause what the picture is showing.

I am falling forever due to no death plane & no invisible barriers after I got on top of the race outer landmass.

Yes, the body is stretched. I do commend the Hud/UI being tied to the player at all times though. It jiggles A LOT now after having ground pounded & sitting here for a good few minutes. A long few maybe a long time minutes, aka, maybe a half hour/hour by now.

8/10 ; Will play more when & if able to. Thank you for letting me play.


controls are very bad

input menu softlocks you

maybe you could fix that

Game is missing the following, A QUIT button to quit the program.

A recommendation, Map the ground pound button to a Trigger button, as there's an issue with getting ground pound to work while in mid air after hitting the 'Attack' button twice. Either I'm not getting enough Air for the attack animation to finish before ground pounding or the timing is off to whatever the moveset object is programmed to where that the attack animation can't be interrupted to perform that ground pound.

A request, can ya render the Hud into 3D object's like what was done with Conker's Bad Fur Day? May give the game a little more whimsy.

Is there a way to get the soundtrack? The music is nice


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Great so far! Look forward to the finished product. Decent save system and ability to play windowed mode would be good ideas in the future though.

is fun very fun

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Played for some time, got to 8 crystals, just couldn't find the last windmill piece hahahah(that should be the last crystal? edit:just found it). Really cool game, I'd say it would benefit with an autocamera like SM64. Really, the first level is like so big, I think it would be easier for you if you made levels smaller, as a dev I would be discouraged a little bit for doing an entire game of levels that big, specially if doing it alone idk if you made this all alone, but anyways, congrats for the game it's quite fun. (ps: but I thought that the level music is a little bit sad idk)

Kind of a shame. I paid 2 dollars and got a way through the game, I opened the racing bit, was at 5 crystals and I got the wings to fly me to another platform. Unfortunately I jumped with the wing powerup and got stuck in the wall, the powerup didn't time out and I couldn't move or anything, so I quit.

I really appreciate the donation for this, and rest-assured that when I decide to revisit this project (with Super Firewing 64), it will be fixed!

this game has a lot of potential. i could feel a bit of the magic that i did playing SM64. however, the platforming on this was so frustrating because of the lack of smooth jumping and character momentum that i had to stop playing after the first wall jump. also, the character kept running into walls because the camera had no adjustment throughout the game. i find a really important feature in 3d platforming such as legend of zelda and sm64 is a camera that adjusts for you. i think that something that would help this game is some more original assets to drive home the older 64 whimsy, but i understand with this game being free that assets are not always going to be the best. i would love to see how this game evolves in the future, and hopefully i'll get to play it again myself!

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree on the character momentum. I recently revisited it and didn't like it now either, so I began working on a better one. Should Super Firewing 64 ever wrap-up, I think you'll like it a lot more.


Is there any way I can completely 100% make this game forget I've played it?
I wanted to play it on my channel, but while testing the game to make sure I could record it well, I started it and now I can't get the intro cutscene to play again.

Can someone please help me?

Sure can - just delete the save file. They are located in:  \AppData\LocalLow\Studio Besus. Removing the whole Firewing folder should take care of it.

I had another look, and apparently the itch client had created a new "user?" in the Users folder. I needed to give permission to access the folder, so maybe that's why performing several system wide searches for terms such as "Besus" and "FireWing" and "FW64" didn't give any results.

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6 months later, but is this the only way to reset the game? I ask because I can see the "Delete Save" option in the start menu, that seemingly only pops up when you boot for the first time with an empty save folder...

For me, it's less about seeing the first cutscene, and just having a clean slate (no collected items or kart/gate) for some potential speedruns!

Worst case, I have to do those 3 mouse clicks and change settings to windowed mode again each time. No biggie

Great, I will try right now!!

Great game! Im waiting for the new levels :D

This is great! You definately met your goal of making a successful N64 kind of  game. Just enough familiar style to the best 3D platforming titles on the system for the retro feel, but definately it's own game. I could see FireWing being a successful mascot gaming franchise. It will draw similarities with the likes of Spyro and Mario 64, but it is for sure it's own game. I'm guessing that is what you were kind of going for. I think people would pay at least $10 for it if you would finish it and publish it.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad that you enjoyed it!

I had a Super Firewing 64 (with more levels) fairly far along and was considering selling it for $5 or so, but first I need to find the motivation to continue on it. :-(

I totally understand not being motivated to finish a project. Life is really busy! However, I noticed that there was another comment about a month ago that is positive and I'm sure there are others who have played that would like it. Feed that to your motivation factor. There are people who would play more of this game! At least update the release with more levels if they're ready. :)

It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of different stuff to do. Playing it with a controller was very good. I hope you will be able to finish it, because the ending said it's not finished yet. The platforming controls where really well done. Here are some suggestions: add option to disable inverted camera controls with controllers, add an optional auto camera, perhaps add more graphics options for slow computers, save collected coins and fastest race time, and try to lower the size of the game (currently 194MB.)


Thanks for the compliments and suggestions!

I had begun expanding on this in Super Firewing 64 shortly after I released this version, however shelved it until I could eventually find motivation to finish it. :-(

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You know what this game needs? Rainbow gradients. The Rareware games had colorful gradients overlaid over everything.

Joking aside, this plays quite well. I like using my N64 controller for it.

Edit: I broke my N64 controller lol

This looks like a cool little game, unfortunately does not seem to support GL 2.1. This game probably does not take all that much of a graphics card to run, but still a bit much for software rasterizer.


cool game

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Hello! I played Firewing 2.0 and had a blast. I'll definitely be following development from here on out.

Also, I wrote some comments/criticisms while I played. You can read them here:

I know you haven't explicitly asked for criticism and I don't mean to be rude, but maybe my comments will be useful for you. Good luck with the game!

I don't mind at all! In fact, thank you for taking the time to do that! That's exactly the kind of constructive feedback I look for!

While some of those concerns have already been addressed, I'll be keeping a copy of that for future reference! Again, I really appreciate it! :-)

No probs, dude. When I see a promising game like this, all I want is to see it realized as a full and great game. If I think I can help, I just can't stop myself. Also as a fellow dev, I know how useful criticism can be. It's refreshing to see someone so receptive of it!

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ChasingErin's Firewing 64 Playthrough! Definitely one of the best N64 styled fan games I've come across yet! A good idea would be to have the ground-pound move have more use than just 2 switches though. Regardless, you created an incredible game! Would love to see similar content in your future projects! Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks for the kind words. The pound is used more; it's the only way to destroy the houses.

You may definitely want to give v2.0 a shot though!

Pretty neat game. But I couldn't fix the kart. It was hard enough to find the switch to open the kart area, but then when I go get on the kart I have to fix it (I assume it's by finding something and I already looked everywhere) and after a little bit more exploring and not finding anything, I just stopped playing. But I like it otherwise.

The point is to explore; I'm not going to hold the players hand through everything in the game.

Consider looking behind the water...


This is pretty awesome. If only there was a way to save and If only I had figured out how to race...


Added saving and persistence (among a large number of other things) in v2!


Mac version?

There is no Mac version, I don't know why seeing as it is clearly advertised on the cover, but I'd guess that they're working on it.

It's still coming. :-)

The jar should run on Mac if you have java, let me know if it doesn't

The jar should run on Mac if you have java, let me know if it doesn't

Hey, I seem to have a collision bug that kills the frame rate whenever I try to move on the ground.

Strange that it only happens to you so far, but I knew what the issue was as soon as you mentioned this. Give version 1.1.1 a shot and let me know if it's now fixed on your end. Sorry about that! :-(

Thanks for the fast reply! I tried again but didn't remap the controls this time and it worked fine :)