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Alien Soldiers have begun mass-producing human clones in factories with the hopes of taking over Earth. It is your goal to eliminate all of the aliens, the clones they have created, and the factories being used to create them.

About the Game:

Operation: Martian Clone is a top-down brawler in procedurally generated areas. Taking a cue from games of the past, getting a high score is the ultimate goal. Unlike games of the past however, you can submit your scores to an online leader board.

This was my second project created in GameMaker Studio 1.4, and the first one which I built from scratch (as in not modifying a pre-built "engine"). Both doing the code as well as the graphics - which proves that I am more of a programmer than an artist. :-)


  • Movement - WASD/Arrow keys
  • Rotation - Mouse
  • Attack - Primary Mouse Button
  • Power Attack - Secondary Mouse Button
  • Pause - Escape/P
Published Nov 21, 2017
Tags8-Bit, Score Attack, Top-Down


OperationMartianClone_v1.zip 5 MB

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