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Created for #AdvJam2017 in 2 weeks. The Artifact Isle is an adventure/exploration/3D platforming game. You control our hero who is led to believe an alien entity wiped-out all life on this island, but are now being asked to save it and this alien entity. Before they trust you will this task, you will need to prove your worth by collecting the Artifacts and completing their trials. Along the way you will be able to recall memories of the people from locations in order to learn more about this island and the hardships the alien entity's arrival caused them.

System requirements lean toward the higher-end, with a 560ti, 8 Gb system RAM, and an i5 being the minimum I would use (for max settings).

Optimization was not a priority given my time frame to get this game done. :-)


  • A large *(but not too large)* world to explore.
  • Day/night system with realtime transitions and shadows.
  • Multiple player abilities, including wall jumping and gliding.
  • 6 different Trials which require puzzle-solving and platforming skills.


Controls and graphics options can only be configured from the initial launcher and ideally you should use a controller to play.

Default controls are as follows:

Movement - WASD / Left joystick

Jumping abilities - J / A button

Grab/Throw objects - H / B button

Ground Slam - L / Y button

Gliding - K / X button

Pause: P / Start button

Camera control:

Movement - QERD / Right joystick

Snap Camera behind player - Y / Click right joystick


Twitter: @StudioBesus || Development Blog


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Will you ever release the soundtrack?

Unfortunately not. The license for the music states it can only be used in 1 work.

Is there any way I could get ahold of the music files? I honestly just want them to listen to, not to use in anything. It's really nice stuff, and would love to have it in my personal library.

It runs only on second attempt. And it doesn't grab the mouse. Lubuntu 18.04.2.

I'm going back in to try and finish it. Until then, video!